Summer celebrations!

Picking flowers for the decoration.

This blog has been quiet do to my master's thesis project. I never stopped sharing pictures of yummy food but I did it on facebook 'cause it's so fast and easy! Let's see if this blog wakes up. This time I'm writing in English to see if I can. 

Last week was inspiring: full of celebration and yummy food. I had my graduation party and of course there was also Midsummer's Eve. Graduation party was second one I organised. I love details but this time I didn't waste all my energy in planning. Still, it took three stores to find perfect napkins and five to find perfect earrings! The moment you find what you had in mind you know why you bother to fuss around.

Pictures of houses and the best material to build a house of.

Fresh coffee.

The menu consisted of cheese salads, spinach and tofu pie, chocolate cake and a cake that has chocolate base and chocolate (Geisha!) and raspberries inside but cream on the top, rhubarb and ice-cream, strawberries dipped in chocolate and snacks (dried sour cherries are best! Hummus chips too). I also served sparkling wine, sangria with fresh mint leaves and some beer and cider (Happy Joe!). Even though I had to drink some coffee during the g-thesis I'm still not hooked on it. But for guests I bought fresh coffee that smelled awesome.

Cakes weren't pretty I didn't even have time to take pretty pictures of them! But the taste is what counts.
Nothing is more sad than a pretty cake that tastes bad.

Room full of flowers! =)

Party was grrreat. Only downside was that four hours run too fast! I had reserved a log sauna but I felt like a Cinderella when we had to gather all our stuff and leave. Next time I'll know better! There was enough food and in the end I had to finnish the second Geisha cake all by myself...Snacks were overestimated too. Luckily we decided to make a second sheet of spinach-tofu pie 1,5 hours before we left to the party venue. There were 21 guests so one oven sheet would've run out. All in all I definitely should have more parties!


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